Why can only businesses get a stamp?

At this point, Stamps For Good is a corporate initiative. We will soon launch to private individuals.

How do I add stamp to my email?

You will receive your guide when you purchase your stamp.

NB: Stamp embedding instructions are only available for:

1. Businesses with IT Support
2. RocketSeed Clients

Stamps for individuals will be available soon.

Why is mine at the bottom?

Not all mail providers allow people to embed in their email headers therefore, we have to embed into the signatures.

Can my stamp be in more than one email address?

Your company can pay a once off fee of R2,500 for all employees.

Where does my donation go?

Your donation goes straight to the charity of your choice! 2,6% is deducted to cover the admin cost of transfer.

Can my organisation have a stamp made?

Unfortunately not at this point, but we may open up Stamps For Good to other organisations in the future.

How long does the stamp stay in my emails?

Your subscription is for one full year! At the end of the year, you will get an email that will give you the chance to make another donation and choose a new stamp.

Can I edit my stamp?

No, the stamp is not editable. The words, size and artwork have to remain the same.

Can I just donate directly to the charity?

Yes, you can. Just click donate instead of buy stamp when picking a cause.

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